What are its features?

  • It contains natural vital substances that the soil needs.
  • Humic substances are 4-8 times more than animal manure.
  • It completely contains biologically active substances beneficial to plants.
  • In biohumus live unique, beneficial micro-organisms that create soil fertility.
  • It retains moisture for a long time and transfers it to the plant as needed.
  • It does not contain harmful micro-organisms, weed seeds, parasite eggs and other disease-causing substances.
  • It is used as an organic fertilizer in all kinds of field, greenhouse plants and decorative and flowering ornamental plants to increase the fertility of the soil (revive the soil).
  • According to international standards, there are no restrictions on its use.
  •  It is applied in a very small amount compared to other organic fertilizers.
  • Its effect on the soil continues for 3-5 years.
  • There is no exact amount and time of use, it can be used as much as desired and shows its effect. It can be applied in every period from seed sowing to yield, increases product yield and quality.
  • Balanced mixing into the soil maximizes its effect.
  • It does not lose its properties even due to freezing of the soil in extreme cold.
  • It makes the micro-organisms in the soil more active. Rebuilds the soil's microbiological richness; stabilizes the microelements, humate, beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.
  • Improves its physico-chemical properties and water-air balance; It increases the interlocking strength and porosity of soil particles.
  • Soil; It holds soluble mineral substances and moisture better, the amount of irrigation is reduced by 40%.
  • As it darkens the color of the soil, it increases the soil temperature.
  • The carbon dioxide that comes out during the decomposition of the organic materials in it creates an additional source of carbon dioxide for the plant to survive.
  • It is absolutely impossible for it to pollute underground and surface water resources, atmosphere and soil.
  • It increases the amount of natural earthworms in the soil.
  • It increases the nutrient reserve of the plant and the natural fertility of the soil.
  • It eliminates the harmful effects caused by excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • It provides a complete balanced diet with essential vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, hormones and growth stimulants.
  • It increases the immunity of the plant against diseases. It gives the plant resistance to soil stress, pests, variable climatic conditions and the negative effects of the soil.
  • Accelerating and increasing seed viability improves awakening and rapid rooting.
  • It accelerates the development of the plant and provides an increase in quality products.
  • It quickly heals diseased plants. It quickly recovers and restores cells damaged by harmful substances and disease-causing organisms.
  • There is no need to plant different crops (rotation) every year in the cultivation area.
  • Increases yield by 30 – 200%.
  • It makes the maturation period 2-3 weeks earlier.
    The amount of nitrate in the products is several times lower than the products produced with other fertilizers.
  • It provides a significant increase in shelf life.
  • It increases the amount of vitamins, sugars and other bioactive substances in it, which are very necessary for human health.
  • It ensures the creation of ecological natural products that do not contain any substances harmful to human health.
  • It brings the product to its natural taste, color, aroma and quality.